The ingredients used at Skillet are all organic, brought to you by founder Ashley Mohler.

Read on to learn more about the journey leading up to Skillet, and the attributes of the woman behind the brand.



After travelling from across the country, this transplant began cultivating her garden with seeds of customer service, design experience, and a fierce go-getter attitude. The attitude and opportunities afforded to Ashley set her on an upward trajectory.

She learned all about applied graphic design, print production, packaging, logo design, and real-world brand strategy.

Why Contract work?

Her roots began to grow and spread throughout her industry, when suddenly, she realized she had  become too big for her pot! She needed to stretch her branches, to dig those roots deeper, to reach toward the sun. That’s when the glass ceiling broke and she spilled out onto the streets of LA looking for savvy businesses who want to spend less on printed materials and more on improving the experience of every customer.


Skillet is the solution for anyone frustrated with working by themselves or with big agencies.

Imagine talking to an experienced professional with solutions for your personalized brand strategy. Real world advice, knowledge in the industry, reliable, inexpensive.